Falali (Китай)
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Falali (Китай)

We are a large scale color printing enterprise which has sophisticated equipment. We have a lot of professional personnel. We design different kinds of balloons and toy sticks of different shapes. We also design packing bags in top grade, middle grade and low grade.

Our company has advanced production equipment. With many years' production and sales experience, we have been always in the forefront among the peers.

We will bring out new products constantly, renew the shapes of balloons and sticks all the time, and design and produce different kinds of packages of balloons, sticks, foods, cosmetics and daily necessities. Our products are competitive not only in quality, but also in appearance.

With the idea of "serious, pragmatic and innovative", our company develops and provides better services for clients in different countries and regions.

You are welcome to visit our company with advices or comments. https://wabao.en.alibaba.com

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